125th Anniversary Celebrations of Chicago Addresses on 11 September 2019.

From the platform of the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, Swami Vivekananda called upon humanity to achieve world harmony and peace.

On 11 Sep 1893, when Swamiji addressed the gathering at the Parliament as ‘Sisters and Brothers of America’, the huge audience gave a standing ovation for over two minutes. These opening words of Swamiji gave the world new hope, and a new vision of real brotherhood among individuals, sects, and races.

Swami Vivekananda also for the first time presented before the world the underlying divine principles of Hinduism and its unique presentation of the divinity of the soul which alone can form the foundation of a Universal Religion. He also repeatedly declared that ‘Religion is the backbone of India’ and cautioned against living as a ‘frog in a well’ holding on to fanatic ideas.

This is the 125th year since Swamiji delivered his message in Chicago. It is a fitting occasion for us to reinforce our unity and stand against the elements which sow disharmony in our society and also misrepresent or vilify our ancient Hindu cultural and spiritual values. It was Swamiji’s firm faith that the youth of India would take up the responsibility of resolving all her problems and be in the vanguard of her progress.

To help our youth understand Hinduism through the eyes of Swamiji and work out its life-giving eternal principles, we have organized a NATIONAL SEMINAR ON HINDUISM FOR YOUTH on 21 Sep 2019 at Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.

We invite young men and women from all over India to participate in this seminar.


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