Vivekananda Balamandir Camp  Mata-Pita Puja

By - Webteam
13.05.24 01:08 PM

Venue: Vivekananda Centenary Hall,

Time: 9.15am -11.15am


To give a Samskara (Good Traditional-Cultural habits) along with values (the sacred conduct) adding to the personality, the Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) of Chennai Sri Ramakrishna Math is holding “Vivekananda Balamandir Summer Camp” May- 2024. 

This is the 31st year and forwarding on march.



A brief report on Mata Pita Puja Performed by Balamandir Students to their Parents.


Aarti to the Holy Trinity was done by the Revered Swami Atmaghanananda ji Maharaj. Followed by Vibrant Chanting of Vedic Mantras,  by Monks and Brahmacharins.


  • Then a short introduction and welcome for the gathering was given by one of the Volunteer.
  • A demo of Mata-Pita Puja was done by a volunteer for the new children.
  • The much awaited Puja by Balamandir Students to their Parents was done with great zeal.

    This Puja,  which is being performed from time immemorial though forgotten at modern times,  seems to bring an inseparable bandage between the child and the parents. Know that the Parents are living Gods for a child, says Taittariya Upanishad.


    Swami Atmaghanananda ji Maharaj in his speech appreciated both the parents and child for being present in this Sunday Morning to do the Puja. He told good habits could be given to children by admitting them in Balamandir Classes. Maharaj ji, also shared few of his experiences while he used to conduct Balamandir Class.


    Next, Swami Shashishikhananda ji Maharaj insisted on parents, that daily they need to spend a minimum of an hour with their child,  so that the child will freely share his/her thoughts with their parents. It’s kind of investment for the future of the child.


    Next, Swami Dharmishthananda ji Maharaj more than making money for their children, giving values to their children is very important,  if not,  Maharaj ji warned that many old age homes are/will be coming up. He also requested the parents to inform in their friends circle or all known contacts about the Balamandir Classes taken at our Math and its benefits by joining.


    At the end,  many parents came forward with valuable suggestions,  touching remarks about the Balamandir class in general and Puja in particular,


    Finally, Balamandir incharge Maharaj- Vaanishachaitanya (Mahesh) Maharaj ji answered few of their (parents) queries.


    The Puja came to a close with few announcements,  followed by Shanti Mantra and telling Jai ghosh to The Holy Trinity. 

    All the Children took their parents to Temple-Shrine and attended the Arati. Nearly 160 people had the Sweet Prasadam.