Vivekananda Balamandir Parents Meet 2023

By - Webteam
26.02.23 04:49 PM
Vivekananda Balamandir Valedictory Function happened on 26th Feb 2023. As the part of which Parents meeting was held. 

Swami Dharmishthanandaji Maharaj,  Manager, Sri Ramakrishna Math  spoke on key points that should be taken care while bringing up the children. 
Sri Ramanan and Smt. Vijayashree gave a short talk on parenting.
Few parents raised questions and the  Manager Maharaj Ji answered to their queries.  Few parents expressed their opinions about Balamandir effect on the children after attending the classes at Math and other feedbacks. 
With the closing song, Ramakrishna Saranam the function came to an end.
Jai Sri Ramakrishna. 
Jai Ma Sarada Devi.
Jai Swamiji.

Few Feedback or opinions given by the parents about the Balamandir's effect on the children are given below.

* Namaste mam and others! 
The whole event went on smoothly and we got a chance to see the hidden talent of kids in yoga, bhajan and role plays. The chief guest discourse was very helpful especially for young parents like me.  Kids looked so happy which itself shows that they enjoyed a whole year of Balamandir. Many thanks to the entire team for offering this wonderful opportunity. I will surely recommend it to my friends. Thank you once again. Jai ma! 

* Namaste teachers and everyone, the valedictory function went very well and we were able to see kids perform all the activities with joy and happiness.  Parents workshop was an eye-opener for many and it would definitely be useful in preparing us and the kids for future.  We were quite fortunate to get admission to Balamandir this year as our son was one of the last to be admitted.  It is one of the best things that has happened to him as it helps him a lot to focus on devotion and activities that keep his mind calm and peaceful. I hope that kids as they grow,  many of them would grow to various high positions in their lives, they should learn to give back to the society (like these classes) which is critical to the success of the society and the nation.  Jai ma! 
(parents of C. Nishanth)

* Balamandir is a temple where every kid should definitely come attend and get the blessings chanting of prayers
Silent Environment helps individuals to increase their power of concentration. 
Best place to increase our good deeds and create lots of positivity around.
As parents a sense of hope that their children will excel in their respective lives...

It is said that God lies in faith.. likewise as parents we have lots faith in Balamandir,  it is a place where we (parents) believe that God exists. 
Jai Mata