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CPCL MD visit
MD from CPCL visited our school on 19.06.24 and helped our students to pay their fees.
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Thirukkural Class Inauguration
Thirukkural Class Inauguration function was held on 19.06.2024
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First Aid Awareness
First Aid Awareness Class was conducted for classes from 8th std to 12th std students by  Mr.Neelagandan, NGO from ALERT Organization. It was held on 15.06.2024.
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Teacher's Orientation Programme
Teachers Orientation Programme was held on 27.05.2024 & 28.05.2024.
Venue - Day 1 - (RK Math), Day 2 - (V.House).
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Ashok Leyland Internship Program

Ashok Leyland Internship Program for 12th std was held on 08.05.2024.

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Chandrayaan 3 Launch

Chandrayaan 3 launch
All class students watched the launch in smart panel in their classrooms.

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Fees donation by CPCL

CPCL fees donated for students- CPCL MD donated fees for 3 students for their studies.

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ELF Training

ELF Training English learning foundation course conducted for 6B, 7B, 8B students to improve their english knowledge.

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Summer Camp Inauguration 2024

A summer camp especially for children  to learn new skills in a safe and nurturing environment. During summer camp Bhajans, Spoken English, Speech competition, Quiz competition, Essay writing, Puzzle solving, Chess, Carrom, Painting, Krigambi arts, Story telling, Games, Silambam etc.,was well w...

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Villaku Pooja 2024

Was held on 09.02.2024  Kumkum Archana for Thiruvilakku was performed by 12th std students. Sw. Rajeshwaranandaji Maharaj blessed the Students.

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Mass Bhajans
Mass Bhajans was conducted on 22.01.2024  on the occasion of Sri Ram Lalla Idol Installation Ceremony at Ayodhya. Kesari Prasad was given to all Students.
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Dental Checkup
Dental visit and checkup
Venkateshwara Dental and hospital visited our school students and teachers did checkup for our students.
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ACP - Awakened Citizenship Programme
ACP was held on 19.01.2024 by Sri Ramanan Sir. He appreciated our 7th & 8th std students for their performance in ACP Programme.
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Youth Day 2024
YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION was held on 13.01.2024.

Youth day celebration was presided over by the chief guest Dr.Sudha Sheshayyan, Ex .Vice Chancellor  of M.G.R. Medical University.
Prizes distributed to the 8th and 9th students who gave the speech about Swami Vivekananda in English and Tamil.
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Universal Brotherhood Celebration

Universal brotherhood celebration at math was held on 11.09.2023.

Our school students participated in the celebration Manager swamiji  sw. Dharmishtanandaji Maharaj inaugurated the function.

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Career Counselling regarding CA Course

SIRC of ICAI was held on 08.09.23 they conducted career counselling regarding CA Course for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th std students.

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Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna jayanthi was held on 07.09.2023. Function was Celebrated with Mass Bhajans, 7th std Students offered prasad. Various competitions were conducted for 6th to 8th std students.

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Cycle Distribution

Cycle distribution was held on 30.7.23.Function for XIstd students. Chief guest: Thiru P.Sriramulu, DMK Chairman ward 54

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Vidhyaarthi Homa
Vidhyarthi Homa Celebration held on 21.07.23.
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Mathru Pooja
Mathru pooja

Mathru, Pithru Pooja was held on 21.7.23 for 6th std.
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