Our Balamandir students performed the Vidyarthi homa on 31-May-2015.

Vidyarthi Homa is the solemn occasion where a student resolves to follow the five vows as outlined in the vidyarthi homa mantras. The students resolve to follow them in everyday life. This year the Vidyarathi Homa was performed on 31st May 2015 in our Math for Balamandir students. As a part of the Homa students offered vilva leaves in the Homa the sacrificial fire and repeated the Vidyarathi Mantras, invoking the blessings the Goddess of learning. The mantras describe the real purpose of education and preparing a person to achieve real education. The Homa arrangements were officiated and looked into by monks of our Math. Swami Buddhidananda of the Math performed the Homa. After the Homa, Prasad was distributed to students.

The following are the excerpts of the holy Mantras

Students’ Vows

‘Human body is the primary means of practicing all virtues and duties (dharma)—in view of this discerning truth, I shall try my best to keep my body healthy and fit for hard work. I shall do this by meticulous observance of all health rules.’ 2. ‘Students must undergo the austerity called study—in view of this advice of the scriptures (Smritis), I shall try my best to develop my talent (pratibha vikasa) and devote myself to studies in a disciplined manner.’ 3. ‘Truth alone wins and not untruth. By truth is attained the path of devayana (the path of gods)—in view of this Vedic statement, I shall try my best to be truthful in body, mind and speech.’ 4. ‘One who considers others’ well-being as his own good is great among good people—in view of this counsel of great men, I shall try to the best of my ability to cast away all impure and selfish tendencies such as meanness, cruelty and hypocrisy. I shall instead try to inculcate broadmindedness, humility, respect for others, love for the country, and the service of man as God.’ Listen to the essence of religion and try to comprehend it.
Don’t do to others what is harmful to you.
Know your mother to be a form of god.
Know your father to be a form of god.
Know your teacher to be a form of god.
Know your guest to be a form of god.
Do those actions which have not been condemned, and don’t do condemned actions. 5. ‘Well-managed, rightly focussed and unified collective-power is the only way for social well-being. Therefore, “Be thou all of one mind, be thou all of one thought, be thou all one in your speech”—in view of this Vedic statement, which promotes unity and evokes the power of integration, I shall be honest, and being a member of this institution, strive for unity among all.’

Below are the photos taken on the day: