Every year during the Tamil month of “Panguni”, (March-April) a 10 days festival is performed by Kapaleeswarar Temple, situated in Mylapore, Chennai, in which various spiritual & cultural will take place. Rath Festival and procession of 63 Nayanmaars are part of the event, in which lakhs of people participate. Needless to mention, a huge amount of garbage gets piled up after the event.
As part of the initiative to keep the environment clean, Chennai Math together with Sri Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, took up the mammoth task of cleaning the 4 Mada Streets of Kapaleeswarar temple, after the completion of these two major events, which took place on 1st & 2nd of April 2015. About 400 students from Students Home and 60 volunteers of Math took part in this noble cause, which began at 11 pm and completed around 2 am on the night of 2nd April 2015.

Math also distributed butter milk and cool drinks to nearly 10000 people during both the events.

Below are the photos taken on the day: