The Vedanta Kesari - March 2023

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28.02.23 10:32 AM


* Vedic Sukta for Protection in Journeys

* Approaching the Manuals of Supreme Knowledge

* Reminiscences of Sargachhi

* Manisha Panchakam

* Chandrakirti’s Chariot: Self in Madhyamaka Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta

* The Arrival of the Apostle of Sri Ramakrishna in Madras: A Newspaper Report

* Dhan Gopal Mukerji and ‘The Face of Silence’

 * Aamaar ki pholer obhaav …

* Pocket Tales: Chinu Shankhari worships Gadai

* Care and Trust as Enterprise Values 

* Vivekananda Way: The Vedanta in all Its Phases 

* Tale of Two Realities: An understanding of life through the Ramayana and Yogasutra—Play of the Gunas

* 113th Annual General Meeting of the Ramakrishna Mission

* Book Review

* The Order on the March

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