Following programs were held on the 4th Day of Antaryogam (four days spiritual retreat for the devotees)
12.08.2018 – Sunday
05.00 am: Mangala Arati & Veda Parayana
05.20 am: Ula Sankeerthanam
05.50 am: Yoga & Guided Meditation
07.00 am: Breakfast
08.00 am: Group Discussion with Swamis of the Math
09.15 am: Lecture on Anbin Uru; Aatralin Thiratchi by Swami Sathyaprabhananda
10.00 am: Tea
10.20 am: Bhajan by Swami Sankarathmananda
11.00 am: Lecture on Avarai Etral amaithiyum anandamume by Swami Harivrathananda
11.45 am: Feedback from Devotees
12.30 pm: Conclusion song & Lunch Presad