Flood Relief 2015 (Photos)

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02.12.15 11:34 AM

Chennai Flood relief activities on 14th and 15th Dec 2015:

  • Medical camps (Beneficiaries Count):
    – Gandhi Mandapam : Displaced Kottupuram people – 80.
    – Math dispensary, special camp : 180
  • 200 scavengers of Kannamapet, T.Nagar were provided : 550 kgs of rice, 200 mats, 200 packet of buns, 16kgs of bread and 250 bottles of packed water.
  • Oorapakkam in Aadanur village : 310 kits were distributed containing Rice, Steel plate, tumbler, towel, candles and mosquito coils.
  • 300 kg rice, 25 kg milk powder, 100 sets of plates and tumblers, 10 crates of water were given to the people of Thiruvotriyoor, Ramavaram, Mathuravayal in Chennai.
  • 250 families of West Mambalam were given 230 male relief kits, 100 female relief kits, 250 sets of plates and tumblers and 500 packets of biscuits.
  • 60 packets containing garments (saree & lungi) , shirt, steel plate and tumbler, were distributed in Irular nagar, Chennai.
  • 30 families of Thennayar agram, Ayappanthangal, Kancheepuram district got 5kg rice, garments (saree & lungi), stainless steel plate, tumbler and mosquito coils.
  • 100 sets of garments (lungi & saree), bedsheet and mat were given to 100 families in Besant nagar area.
  • Sent 595 kgs of rice, 300 kgs of biscuits, 100 packets of bun and some provisions to Saradha Vidhyalaya Girls School, in Burkit Road.
  • All the 1350 students of MINT school were given a biscuit packet each. Also 5 carton boxes of sanitary napkins and kids dresses were distributed among them.
  • 20 slum dwelling families near Besant nagar beach got the kit with the following items : 5kg rice, dal, soap, tooth brush, paste, candle, paper plate and cup.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 13th Dec 2015:

  • Relief Kits sponsored by BPCL were distributed to 70 families . Each kit had 5kg of rice, garments (saree and lungi) , torch light, candle, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap.
  • Medical camp was conducted in Meyyur, Thiruvallur district. 415 people of Gurupuram, Vembeedu, Rajapalayam and Somadavenpet villages were treated.
  • 700 packets of relief materials were distributed in Perambur. Each packet had a mat, bedsheet, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, garments (saree and lungi).
  • 256 families of Saradhapuram, Mylapore were given a stainless steel plate and water tumbler in addition to garments (lungi and saree) and biscuits.
  • 175kg of rice was distributed to residents of Nagarkovil. Also arranged sponsorship from an agency to procure sewing machines for those tailors who had lost their machines in the floods.
  • 100 blankets were distributed in Ottery, SS Puram, A Block, Perambur Chennai.
  • Gayatri Rice Mill of Pallakkad, Kerala has donated 10 tons of Rice for flood affected people in Cuddalore district. Distribution of all necessary commodities was still in progress there as rain continued unabated in Cuddalore.
  • 470 people were treated in the medical camp conducted in Chinnathana kuppam and Pettam kuppam in Cuddalore district.
  • 450 families have benefited from the 10 kg Rice, dal, bed sheet, bucket and mug given in Chinnathana kuppam and 19 families were given utensils in
    Cuddalore district.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 12th Dec 2015:

  • Cooked food was distributed to 1500 people in Kotturpuram, a settlement on the Adyar river bank. These people were facing acute food scarcity.
  • Worst affected people of Kotturpuram have been relocated temporarily in Gandhi Mandapam and Rajaji Mandapam. In evenings sambar rice was distributed
    to them in a stainless steel plate along with a water tumbler. They had lost all their utensils used for cooking and storing food and had nothing to eat
    during the floods. On the next day morning following the inspection , 2000 bottles of water and biscuits were distributed to all children.
  • 200 families received mat and bed sheet, in the area surrounding Dr.Ambedkar bridge in Mylapore.
  • 75 bed sheets and mats were given to orphan children of Asha Nivas, a Christian institution on their request.
  • Medical camps (Beneficiaries Count):
    Kamakshi nagar, Narayanapuram – 296 people
    Radakrishnan nagar, Kurukupet – 610 people
    Math dispensary – 200 people

Chennai Flood relief activities on 11th Dec 2015:

  • 1700 families in the Jafferkhanpet received a towel, a mat,garments( a lungi and saree) from Sadhus and volunteers.
  • 1000 families in Ennore, an sea shore area received a packet with the following items: 5kg rice, dal, sugar, salt, oil, towel, night gown, garments ( saree and lungi) , a mat and a bed sheet . 500 slum dwellers of Nadukuppam were given a plastic bucket containing 13 varieties of assorted vegetables. This was done in Vivekananda House. This was a great solace to these poor people as they did not have even a single meal with fresh vegetables since last week.
  • Medical camps (Beneficiaries count):
    – In Pallikaranai : 420 people
    – In Math dispensary 180 people
  • Survey inspection was carried out in Ekambaram Pillai street near City centre in Chennai.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 10th Dec 2015:

  • Medical relief camps (Beneficiaries count) :
    TNBH Colony (Complete area) of Velachery – 760 people.
    Math dispensary – 260 people.
  • In the banks of the Cooum river, Kotturpuram was selected as a severely affected area and 200 packets were distributed with the following items: 4kg
    of rice, 1kg of Dal, a tooth brush, a tooth paste, 4 soaps, a salt packet, turmeric powder, chilli powder, disposable plates and cups, tea powder and sugar.
    This was done with the help of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).
  • In the 3rd street of Ramakrishnapuram (Near Luz Corner) , consisting of 120 families, bags were distributed with the following items: 5kg rice , dal, sugar, salt, oil, towel, night gown, garments( saree and lungi), mat and bed sheet.
  • 400 worst flood affected families near the SRK Math Vivekananda Centenary Girls Higher Secondary School, MINT campus, Chennai were given a kit with the following items : mat, blanket, garments (saree and lungi), towel, 5kg Rice, edible Oil 1L, Tata salt, sugar 1kg, salt 1kg and thoor dal 1kg.
  • Small orphanages and old age homes and many individuals are helped with some relief material on a daily need by need basis by the math.
  • Yeoman service is rendered round the clock by the Math Volunteers and Nursing Students in the formidable task of packing the large number of bags
  • with the relief materials for the next day’s distribution.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 9th Dec 2015:

  • Medical camps (beneficiaries count):
    – At Mylapore, Luz Corner and Pallikarnai in Chennai : 350 people
    – Two slums near T.Nagar, Chennai : 280 people
    – Special camp at Math road : 178 people
  • Sundaram Health-care extended their support in the medical camps with their volunteers : 24 nos) . To prevent mosquitos and diseases caused by dirty stagnated water, 1 ton of bleaching powder was sprinkled throughout West Mambalam, where the sanitation was worst and huge garbage had accumulated.
  • In the slums of Soundarapuram in R.A.Puram, 1200 people were served with cooked food.
  • In the complete slum of Ramakrishnapuram, consisting of 872 families, bags with the following collection of items were distributed : 5kg rice each, dal, sugar, salt, oil, towel, night gown, garments (saree and lungi), mat and bed sheet.
  • 75kg rice, garments (saree and lungi) , dal and blankets were distributed in the Mandaveli Corporation old age home in Chennai.
  • Survey inspection was done in the worst flood affected areas of Jafferkhanpet in Chennai.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 8th Dec 2015:

  • Medical Service at Jyothiyammal Nagar at Saidapet area and in the evening at Annai Satya Nagar, S K Puram – Totally 750 patients were treated.
  • 5920 pieces of Napkins were distributed to highly needy and affected people.
  • Planning to take-up distribution of Basic food and clothing items at 4 different localities in Chennai.
  • Medical Service at Mettukuppam and in Nadukuppam – Totally 360 patients were treated. Special camp at our dispensary for 170 patients.
  • Distributed 70 blankets & 70 mats to 140 flood affected people to R K Nagar.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 7th Dec 2015:

  • Daily distribution of milk was done to 300 people for last 2 days at Ramakrishnapuram area.
  • Arrangements were on at Cuddalore in collecting relief materials and procuring food items for distribution.
  • Flood Relief work was proceeding in association with Chengalpattu Ashram, Neyveli, Ramakrishna Seva Sangham, Kanchipuram etc.,
  • Distributed food packets to Nuchikuppam and surrounding slum area for about 1400 fishermen in association with Aditya Birla Group. They brought the
    food packs and distributed them through the math.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 6th Dec 2015:

  • Distributed Cooked Food and Bread near Nochikuppam beach area for about 500 flood affected people.
  • Distributed Cooked Food in and around C I T Nagar, near T. Nagar for about 2000 people.
  • Distributed a bundle with 5 kg Rice, Bread, Napkins, Water bottle, Biscuits, Bedsheet, Mat and other utensils to 185 people at Ambattur and Oragadam area.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 5th Dec 2015:

  • Distributed clothes to distressed people around Triplicane Slum and near Bucking Canal near Luz.
  • Distributed 650 blankets to slum people of Ganeshapuram.
  • Medical camp (With free medicines) was conducted covering the following areas: Pattinapakkam, Velachery, Manali, Meyyur, Kosapur (T M Pakkam), Perungudi, Kottupuram and Saidapet . More Relief work was planned In Chennai and Cuddalore districts.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 4th Dec 2015:

  • Distributed Tea to around 1250 people in and around Mylapore area.
  • Distributed Bread and Dry Food Items at Bheemanna Garden Street for 80 people.
  • Distributed Cooked Food near Mundakanniyamman Railway Station for about 2000 slum area people.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 2nd Dec 2015:

  • Distributed Cooked Food at Pattinapakkam, Nadukuppam & Triplicane areas for about 6000 people.

Chennai Flood relief activities on 3rd Dec 2015:

  • Distributed Cooked Food in and around Ramakrishnapuram areas (PNK Garden, Sillitalpuram, Sundaragramani Garden area, PSS North School & Savitriammal School) for about 4000 people.
  • Distributed Bedsheets & Mats at Triplicane area to around 200 families.