Medical Awareness Workshop for Parents

By - Webteam
26.05.24 02:30 PM
Venue: Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence Hall 
Time: 9.15am -11.50am

The Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) of Chennai Sri Ramakrishna Math is holding “Vivekananda Balamandir Summer Camp” May - 2024. This is the 31st year.

On the day of Kumkumaarchanam performed by the children of Balamandir, for the parents a workshop was arranged about ‘Awareness about Physical and Mental changes’ above age 10.

For the past 17 years, Happymom Healthcare has dedicated itself to women's health, from preconception through motherhood. Over time, they recognized the growing importance of providing modern parenting guidance to ensure the safe and healthy upbringing of children. To address this need, they launched Link Workshops - a platform designed to bridge the gap between adults and children.

Each generation faces unique challenges due to the different experiences and exposures during their formative years. Understanding the physical, hormonal, and emotional struggles of today's children is crucial. Their workshops aim to help parents, teachers, and grandparents build strong, trust-based relationships with children, enabling  to offer the right guidance and support.

How to handle the children during these changes? How to behave and approach with child during this period of changes? Etc., were  discussed with expert doctors. Parents found it more important & received very well. Many parents asked queries and discussed on various topics connected with it.

An online session was arranged by an expert doctor in the beginning who spoke and interacted with parents on food etc topics.... then on floor Dr. Jayashree madam and her team interacted with parents using Presentations (PPT) Separately Boys and Girls parents.
After this session a short interactions were held separately for Boys and Girls.

All the parents had Prasadam after the session.

Jai Ramakrishna.