Ockhi Cyclone Relief 2017 (Photos)

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08.12.17 04:39 PM
Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai has started primary relief work in 4 camps and distributed cooked food for 600 people 3 times daily. We have identified tribal people living in nearby hilly regions which are inaccessible by road. Because of its inaccessibility, we find there is a greater need for us to serve in those areas. We shall be distributing Bread Packets, Tea powder and Sugar for 1400 families in those areas to satisfy their immediate food requirement.

We propose to provide a kit of Rs.800 containing essential grocery items (Rice, Dal, Oil, Sugar, Suji Rava, Salt, Spices, Tea powder) for 1200 families which would benefit them with few days of ration until they resume their daily labor.