Covid 2.0 Relief 2021 Press Reports

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26.05.21 12:34 PM
News reports of relief at Vivekananda House
On 26th May 2021 Vivekananda House – a sub-center of Ramakrishna Math Chennai conducted Covid 2.0 relief for 300 marginalized people with essential grocery kits around Ayodhyakuppam area around 11 AM. The relief was conducted with proper Covid safety measures along with permission from Police. The relief was blessed by Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji Maharaj and initiated by Swami Dharmishthanandaji Maharaj. At Vivekananda House, the relief was led by Swamis Ishapremanandaji, Surarchitananda, Sarvabhadrananda & Panchavaktrananda assisted by volunteers Ramakrishnan and Tanigaivel. The future plan is to take additional survey and expand to other nearby areas of need.