Fire Relief at Thiruvarur 2018 (Photos)

By - Admin
19.07.18 10:46 AM
On 16/07/2018 at 3.00 pm at Tiruvarur Dt., Tiruturaipoondi Taluk, Periyanayagipuram (small village), due to an accidental electrical short circuit, 43 thatched houses were razed by a raging fire fuelled by the seasonal wind. Within 1 hour, it spread to adjacent huts and luckily being daytime women and children had to time to run out leaving behind all their belongings as the gas cylinders were beginning to burst. The dwellers are mainly daily wage earners belonging to lower strata of the society. As the fire was intense, they were unable to salvage currency, clothes, utensils and any of their frugal belongings.

We have investigated the place and started the primary relief. Essential grocery items (rice and other cooking items) and cooking utensils (bucket, pots, mats) worth of Rs. 7500 per house (total Rs.3,22,500) were distributed to the fire affected people for one week. We seek your financial support to help these affected people.