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02.05.24 01:00 PM

The 127th Ramakrishna Mission Foundation Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion at the Swami Ramakrishnananda Hall on 01.05.2024. The event commenced with soul-stirring bhajans performed by the talented children of Balamandir, filling the atmosphere with spiritual fervor and energy. 

Following the bhajans, Veda parayanam was recited and Arati. Swami Gunasagarananda sang the opening song.

The celebration proceeded with enlightening talks delivered by eminent monks of the Ramakrishna Order. Swami Dhyanagamyananda shed light on the profound ideas and ideals upheld by the Ramakrishna Order, inspiring all present to reflect on the principles that guide their lives. Kalaimamani Tirupur KrishnanKalaimamani Tirupur Krishnan gave an enlightening speech on the Ramakrishna Movement, highlighting its significance in fostering spiritual growth and societal harmony. Dr. Sudha Seshayyan, in her address, eloquently spoke about the commendable contributions of the Ramakrishna Mission in the field of medical services, underscoring its commitment to serving humanity with compassion and excellence.

Swami Satyajnanananda elaborated on the invaluable educational services rendered by the Ramakrishna Mission, emphasizing the importance of holistic education in shaping individuals and societies. The event culminated with a benediction by Swami Atmaghanananda, imparting blessings and well-wishes to the gathering.

The spiritual ambiance was further enhanced with the Sandhya Arati, a divine ritual invoking blessings and divine grace. The next session started with heartfelt speeches by devotees, expressing gratitude for the invaluable services rendered by the Ramakrishna Math and Mission.

In the final session, the cultural program presented by Kolkata Vijayaraghavan and group captivated the audience with their mesmerizing performance. They sang the soulful compositions of Sri Thyagaraja Pancharatna Kritis, infusing the atmosphere with sublime melodies and spiritual bliss.

Swami Apavargananda gave vote of thanks and Prasad was distributed to the Devotees.