In connection with Youth Day 2023 - Final level Competition 

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07.01.23 05:22 PM
Final Level Competitions on 07.01.2023

Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, conducted various competitions such as Essay Writing, Elocution, Painting and Quiz Programme in connection with National Youth Day on 12 January 2023. The basic material (Book)  for the above competitions prescribed was “Swami Vivekananda The Life and Legacy” “Swami Vivekanandar Vazhkaiyum Seydiyum” by Swami Tapasyananda former President of Chennai Math. 

1,653 students from 17 Schools participated in the above competitions.

Topics for Essay Writing, Elocution and Drawing were communicated to all the Schools. 187 students, the Three Best Students in each competition from respective school with Teachers and some parents participated. Finals to select the Winners for the above competitions held on 7.1.2023. 

A fun career activities through URA Career Game Cards that can incorporate into students individual counseling was introduced by Sri Prithviraj from IITK, who is currently in Trimble.Inc an industrial technology company. An interactive workshop was held for about 45min, students & teachers response to this small program was good. 

Some Teachers, parents and students are also expressed their good opinion about the competitions and that the students will be benefited with the message of Swamiji contained in the book distributed to all the participants. Prizes will be distributed to all the Winners along with the Participation Certificate on the National Youth Day Celebrations to be held on 12 January 2023 at Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.

The 1st Winner of Essay Writing as well as Elocution Competition will present the gist of their presentation for 5 minutes each on 12th January 2023.