Kid's Spoken Sanskrit  - Samskriti Camp April 2024

By - Webteam
03.05.24 06:00 PM

Venue: Ramakrishnanada hall,

Time: 9.30am -11.15am


To give a Samskara (Good Traditional-Cultural habits) along with the language Samskritam, (the sacred scriptural- Deva Bhaasha), the Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) of Chennai Sri Ramakrishna Math has newly launched this program for children in this Summer Vacation.


Sri Giridhar ji from Samskrita Bharati, Chennai zone was the tutor for the children who took Classes in this camp for 10 days. 17 Children participated in this program of the age group 8-15.


What did Children learn in this camp?

9 Shlokas, 9 Subhaashitam’s, more than 25 Samskrita vaakya’s (to speak in simple Samskitam), Selected Bhagavadgita shlokas, Yogasanas, Kathaa’s (stories in simple Samskritam) and etc,. They all learnt all these with lots of Fun and Joy.


On 03.05.2024 “Samaaropana Karyakramah” Concluding ceremony or Valedictory of the camp held at Ramakrishnananda hall.


Children in 3 different groups named after Holy Trio exhibited their talents in Samskritam. Parents also participated and very happy to see the changes or the developments within this short period of 10 days.

Children were given Book and lamination of Swami Vivekananda as gift for participating and encouraging for their future studies in this Sacred place.


  After feedback session by Parents and Students, program came to end and Prasadam was distributed to all.


Some Feedback:

Namaste Acharya! 

 I wanted to express my gratitude for putting together such a fantastic summer spoken Sanskrit camp. It was an enriching experience from start to finish.It was engaging, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. The variety of activities offered kept things interesting and helped reinforce what we were learning. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with fellow participants and practice speaking Sanskrit in a supportive environment was extraordinary.I feel like I've  made lasting memories here. We also learned many values of life which  are sure to help me in the future. Thank you for creating such a wonderful learning opportunity, and I eagerly anticipate future events.


Thank you,

Asyasree & Ashutosh


Namaste acharya

Ram ram

Thank you Rk mutt for arranging such a wonderful programme of spoken Sanskrit session for the children of this group age.  And most importantly our Sanskrit guru was amazing and his interactive skills with the children was appreciable  as said by swamiji. Children has love and respect for you sir. As adults we don't know the Sanskrit language. Even we are inspired to learn from them.  Children in this age can learn up to  12 languages. This is the right age for them. Pls keep us posted if you are planning to start Letters in Sanskrit. We are awaiting to send our children. A kind request sir, let it be a interactive session with all their friends. Not online.


Shree gurubhyo namaha

Aarabhi and Bhargavi


Namaste Maharaj I am Yashmitha. The class was filled with enjoyment and happiness. We really learnt many things in a fun based way. This is the best class i have ever attended. The way he taught us was really nice and we wasn't forced to learn anything but we all learnt many things not only in Sanskrit but also the values of life which we would never forget. We thank you for this opportunity and we thank Gridhar sir for teaching us. Thank you Maharaj  and Thank you Sir.

Namaste Ram Ram, I am B S Naumika's parent, there is no words to explain about the treasury language (Sanskrit) though v r sourastrian have crazy intuitive feel to learn the auspicious language. Thank you for your support. Dhanyavad AACHARYA RAM RAM