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03.04.23 04:55 PM
"Swami Saradananda was among the five of Ramakrishna's direct disciples who carried the universal message of Vedanta to the West. For two years (1896 and 1897) Saradananda assisted Swami Vivekananda in preaching Vedanta in the West. Vivekananda called him back to India to become the first secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission, a responsibility that he carried until he passed in 1927.

In The Story of Swami Saradananda in the West, Dr. Vandana Jani painstakingly documents the life and activities of Saradananda, a great disciple of Ramakrishna. This book, which is based on years of extensive research, is a detailed history of a forgotten chapter of the early Vedanta movement in the West. Readers will find here glimpses of a great soul, the influence of ancient Vedanta on the western intelligentsia, and the early history of a powerful religious movement that affects the world even today."