Mala Grathana (9th Batch) June 2024

By - Webteam
30.06.24 07:38 PM
The Orientation Session of the 9th batch of Mala Grathana (Garland Making) was inaugurated on 22nd June 2024, by Resource Persons, volunteers, and students in presence of Director, Br. Vanishachaitanya Maharaj , who spoke about the connection between flowers and the divine, as well as the calming and meditative effect this ancient art has on the mind. This relaxing and creative floral class included 20 participants from many walks of life, ranging in age from 18 to 60.

Smt. Lavanya Dheera , Vijayalakshmi & Barnali Roy, who are also volunteers and devotees of Sri Ramakrishna Math, unsparingly and enthusiastically, shared their knowledge of this ancient art with all participants who were equally eager to learn.

Different types of garlands— Types of Saram, Dindu-Maalai, Types of Veni, Betel Leaf Saram, Lotus petal folding , Criss-cross method Traditional Jadai, Small Cute Bud garlands, Mango and Coconut leaves-thoranas, crafted with a lot of care and patience were a sight to behold at the end of each day’s workshop! 

During the Valedictory Session on Sun - 30th June 2024, presided by Chief Guest–Smt Lakshmi Annamalai, the chief guest of the program delivered an enthusiastic short, sweet also to the point and co-relating Malagrathana art with Thanjavur painting.

"Swami Raghunayakananda Maharaj ji, the Manager of Sri Ramakrishna Math Mylapore Chennai, gave the benediction address. With distribution of certificates and group photo session came to end.

Lunch Prasad from Sri Ramakrishna Math was served to all along with tea & snacks on all four days of the workshop.