Mala Grathana Workshop

By - Webteam
25.12.22 08:48 PM

The fourth batch of the four-day (two weekends) Mala Grathana workshop was held on December 3rd-4th and 24th-25th, 2022. 

Course Instructor Smt. Krishnaveni ji assisted by Volunteer Smt. Vijayalakshmi ji, taught a variety of garlands using fresh and fragrant flowers in the calming ambience of the Prayer Hall, with Om Chanting in the background. 

On Saturday, March 3rd, Swami Raghunayakananda ji inaugurated the event. During the closing ceremony on Sunday, December 25th, Swami Ishapremananda ji bestowed his blessing on all of the attendees. Through their sincere and moving feedback, participants described their happy experiences while making garlands.