Mala Grathana Workshop

By - Webteam
31.12.23 02:44 PM
Four-day workshop (Two Weekends) Mala Grathana workshop was conducted on 23rd–24th, 30th –31st December using fresh and fragrant flowers in the calm ambiance of Vivekananda Cultural Centre. Swami Raghunayakananda inaugurated the orientation session with the traditional lighting of lamp along with resource person, volunteers, and students. 12 participants from different walks of life between the age group of 18-60 registered for the lively and innovative workshop.

Smt. Vijayalakshmi and Smt. Krishnaveni, along with dedicated volunteers and staff shared their knowledge with eager participants. Both of them as a team patiently taught all participants the gentle and ancient art of Garland Making— which is one of the 64 ancient arts to develop Bhakti for the Divine.   

Different types of garlands— Types of Saram, Lotus petal folded garland, Types of Dindu Maalai, Types of Veni, Betel Leaf Saram, Rose petal garland, Traditional Jadai, Small Cute Bud garlands, Mango and Coconut leaves—thoranas.   

During the valediction Swami Raghunayakananda spoke of the association of flowers with the divine and the calming and meditative effect of Garland Making on the minds of all the participants. Lunch Prasad was served to all along with tea during the twin breaks on all four days. Certificates were distributed to all participants at the end.