National Awareness Convention on Leprosy 2016

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21.09.16 02:11 PM
National Awareness Convention on Leprosy was organized by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai on August 20, 2016 with CSIR – Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai and SAKSHAM, Nagpur. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai has been serving Leprosy Afflicted Persons (LAPs) since 1988 and more than 1500 LAPs have been benefitted by these services. Leprosy was declared eliminated from our country a decade ago, though India shares about 60% of the total global leprosy burden as per the World Health Organization (WHO) report 2015.

To mitigate the sufferings of the Leprosy Afflicted Persons (LAPs), eliminate Leprosy and eliminate its Stigma from our country this awareness convention was organized.

Five sessions on the following themes were held and Eminent doctors, advocates, scientists and social activists have made active participation:

Social, Education and Media Impact on Leprosy,
Acts against Leprosy and Need for Amendment,
Medical Challenges of Leprosy,
Research and Development efforts and
Roles of Service organizations in Control and Rehabilitation of LAPs.