Sri Ramakrishna Math & Mission - Activities report 2021-22

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25.02.22 05:04 PM
Ramakrishna Mission spent the following amount during 2020-21:
S NoHumanitarian ActivitiesNo. of BeneficiariesAmount Spent
1.Educational activities2,31,068₹ 452 Cr
2.Healthcare32,00,000 262 Cr
3.Relief and Rehabilitation33,00,000 34 Cr
The figures were shared in the 112th Annual General Meeting held at the Mission’s headquarters  in  Belur  Math. The  report  was  released  by  Swami  Suvirananda,  the General Secretary of the Ramakrishna Mission.

Ramakrishna   Mission   is   a   world-wide   organisation,   engaged   in   various humanitarian  activities  including  education  and  healthcare. The  Schools,  Colleges and hospitals built by the Mission are spread all over.

In this financial year, Ramakrishna Math and Mission opened three branches and two sub-branches."