Thanjavur Painting 31st Batch (Weekdays ) Valedictory

By - Webteam
27.07.23 03:25 PM
On Thursday, 27th July 2023, Thanjavur Painting Valedictory session for 10 participants of the weekday batch was held.

The participants' lovely journey of completing the image of Bhagavan Krishna (Face) as a joyful team, working together amicably, was shared by course instructor Krishnaveni Madam and all the participants.

In his benediction, Swami Ishapremananda ji spoke about recapturing the final image's beauty in our homes and the society we live in and, ultimately, connecting everything—art, music, crafts, Thanjavur Painting, all learning—to spirituality, which is distinctive to Indian culture. He regarded the coming together of people from various backgrounds as an achievement in harmony and integration.

In this group, there were three members of the Christian and Muslim faiths who shared their joy in producing lovely paintings of Bhagavan Krishna with equal devotion and love, setting an example of religious integration and demonstrating once more what Swami Vivekananda held true: that the fine arts transcend all distinctions and encompass all.