Thanjavur Painting 34th Batch (Weekdays) – Orientation

By - Webteam
09.01.24 11:00 PM

On, Tuesday-9th January 2023, the Thanjavur Painting orientation session for 08 participants of the weekdays batch was conducted with the traditional lighting of the lamp, in the presence of 

Swami Raghunayakananda. Course Instructor, Smt. Krishnaveni, presented an overview of the Traditional Thanjavur Painting course lasting 40 sessions, which includes sketching for 10 sessions, followed by 30 sessions of preparing board, clay art, setting of beads, and finally painting any one of God’s pictures. 

As a special drawing teacher, Sri Venkatesan is also being engaged from the past many batches, even those who are new to drawing/painting can also happily join this course. In his blessings,

Director Swamiji stressed the need to develop a spiritual attitude while creating the final picture of this 16th century traditional art form, which is being preserved at this centre through the contribution of dedicated teachers. As this type of traditional art form requires a degree of mental and spiritual maturity along with calmness, enrolment is open to any interested/serious student from 18 to 60 years.