Tsunami Relief 2004 - House Construction at Surya Nagar, Nagapattinam

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In the wake of the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Ramakrishna Mission started, from the very first day of the calamity, massive relief operations through its centres in Chennai and Madurai in Tamil Nadu, Kalady in Kerala, Port Blair in Andaman Islands, and Colombo and Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. Thousands of victims were provided cooked food, dry food materials, medical aid, temporary shelters, clothes, mats, etc. during the primary relief work.  More than Rs. 1.5 crore has been spent for Primary Relief work. The detailed report of the Primary Relief is given separately. 


Chennai, Kalady and Batticola centres distributed fibreglass boats/catamarans, fishing nets etc. to the fisher-folk, the worst sufferers in the tsunami disaster. In all, 404 boats along with 88 catamarans  costing nearly Rs. 5 crores were distributed. Chennai Math has constructed in all 210 houses, 1 school- cum- shelter house,  2 community halls and 22 public toilets in Tamil Nadu. Batticaloa centre in Sri Lanka handed over 24 houses to Tsunami victims and 92 are under construction  out of 116 undertaken.  Port Blair centre undertook the repair and renovation of the existing orphanage. The detailed report of the Rehabilitation Projects are given separately.

Total estimated expenditure for Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Project will be nearly Rs. 17 crore.

Rehabilitation – Distribution of Boats

By Chennai Math - Districts / Areas of operations:

a)  Chengalpattu –27 places in and around Chengalpattu
No. of beneficiaries: 914 families and 36,900 persons
Items distributed:
Cooked food, 23375 kg rice, 1448 kg dal, 1284 kg vegetables, 5720 pkts and 34 cartons of biscuits, 650 pkts of bananas, bread and milk, 500 cups of tea, 3353 pkts of groceries, 1697 sets of utensils, 5247 saris, 2529 dhotis, 4403 bed-sheets, 4358 towels, 3092 mats, 2000 water packets, 320 kerosene stoves, 4 thatched sheds, toiletries, medicines, etc.

b) Chennai - Pazhaverkadu, Royapuram and Srinivasapuram
No. of beneficiaries: 114 families and 9467 persons
Items distributed: 4071 kg groceries, 2850 saris, 1500 blouses, 2574 dhotis, 1614 assorted garments, 5424 bed-sheets, 5424 towels, 5424 mats, 114 sets of utensils (each set consisting of 2 cooking vessels, 2 ladles, 1 plate, and 1 tumbler), 114 plastic water pots, 114 plastic tarpaulin sheets, 2424 plastic vessels, etc

c) Nagapattinam district - Nagore Camp 
Items distributed: 5000 dhotis and an equal number of saris, bed-sheets, towels, mats, and utensil sets

d)  Kanyakumari district -  Colachel, Nagercoil, Rajangamangalam etc 
No. of beneficiaries: 1500 families & 4000 persons
Items distributed: Cooked food, 4000 blankets, 4000 sets of utensils, 8000 garments and 16500 kg groceries (rice, dal etc)

e) Cuddalore district
No. of beneficiaries: 364 families and 13200 persons
Items distributed: 3500 dhotis, and an equal number of saris, blouses, towels, bed-sheets, and mats; 3270 sets of utensils and 3270 plastic water pots to; 6560 kg groceries (rice, dal etc)

Primary Relief by Chennai Math

f)  Kanchipuram & Villipuram districts - 10 villages in
No. of beneficiaries: 4711 families
Items distributed: 2493 dhotis, 803 clothes, 4711 sets of utensils (each set consisting of 1 rice cooking vessel, 1 kolambo vessel, 1 water tumbler, 2 ladles and 1 plate), 2826 plastic water pots and 15134 kg groceries (rice, dal etc)

Rehabilitation work: 

Tamil Nadu: Chennai Math: Under rehabilitation programme, the centre distributed hundreds of fiberglass mechanized boats  and fishing nets to the fishermen who had lost their boats and nets in the tsunami deluge. In all 394 boats costing Rs. 8.77crore were distributed in Nagapattinam, Cudalore, Nagarcoil, Chengalpet & Kancheepuram disricts. 

Besides the boats distribution to hundreds of tsunami victims, centre constructed 240 houses, 1 community hall and 1 school-cum- cyclone shelter etc. in Nagapattinam , Cuddalore & Kanyakumari districts. It is to be noted that 104 houses which are now known as 'Suryanagar' in Cudalore district were built in  109 days only.