Valedictory Session of Tally-GST 1st Batch

By - Webteam
30.10.22 08:37 PM

The session started with the chief guest from Kamarajar Port Limited (our CSR Sponsor) offering flowers, along with dignitaries from Gallop Skills and 
Swami Raghunayakananda ji, Director-Vivekananda Cultural Centre (VCC), who gave a summary of the program, informed about the successful placement of all 20 participants, and urged them to be the light of their house in particular—girl students who will be future mothers. 

In his speech, Sri Kumar Srinivasan ji, the founder of Gallop Skills, expressed his gratitude to his faculty team and to VCC for providing the ideal setting and platform for these students from disadvantaged backgrounds to dream of landing good jobs, pleasing their parents and all stakeholders in the process (VCC, Training Partner-Gallop Skills, and CSR Sponsors-Kamarajar Port Limited). 

Participants gratefully thanked Gallop Skills for upskilling them in the most recent Tally-GST techniques so they could land in good jobs, as well as VCC for providing the necessary infrastructure and support, and Kamarajar Port Limited for generously coming forward to sponsor their fees. Participants enthusiastically shared their journey from being a novice to becoming an earning member of their family. One successful participant even related the story of how, even though she was a fresher with just one month of experience in the organisation, some experienced seniors (12 years in the company) stepped forward to learn advanced Excel from her! 

In his warm and upbeat inspirational speech, the Chief Guest, Thiru Radhakrishnan P, DGM & Nodal Officer-CSR Initiatives, Kamarajar Port Limited, touched everyone's heart with his sincere appreciation of everyone who helped place all the girl students successfully in respectable firms. He offered his team's wholehearted cooperation for more such successful CSR efforts from Kamarajar Port Limited in the future. 

Swami Dharmistananda ji Maharaj, Manager-Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, highlighted the connection between Sri Kamarajar-great humanist from yesteryears-and was pleased to note that Kamarajar Port Limited, bearing his name, is doing excellent service where it is most needed-benefiting the underprivileged masses-especially girl children with right education to stand on their own feet-one of Swami Vivekananda's dreams.

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