Vivekananda Balamandir Camp Kumkumaarchana

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26.05.24 02:14 PM
Vivekananda Balamandir Camp
Kumkumaarchana,  26th May-2024

Venue: Vivekananda Centenary Hall,
Time: 9.15am -11.05am

To give a Samskara (Good Traditional-Cultural habits) along with values (the sacred conduct) adding to the personality, the Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (VIHE) of Chennai Sri Ramakrishna Math is holding “Vivekananda Balamandir Summer Camp” May- 2024. This is the 31st year and forwarding on march.

To introduce how to perform Kumkumaarchanam and what is its significance, we had the same performed by the children of Balamandir on Sunday, 26th May 2024. 
The event began with waving the Arati to Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. 

After a short introduction and explaining the significance, Kumkumarchana started. Children offered Archanam to the Holy trio for 108 times separately. 

“Ashtottara Shata Namavali” book was given as prasadam to everyone. Children enjoyed the session of learning Kumkumaarchanam. A Medical workshop by Expert Doctors was arranged for Boy and Girls Separately.

All the Children partook Prasadam at the end of the session.

Significance of Kumkumaarchanam

Kumkumaarchanam is deeply intertwined with the concept of spirituality and inner transformation. It is believed that the spot between the eyebrows, where kumkum is applied, corresponds to the 'ajna chakra' or the third eye, representing higher consciousness and intuition. By adorning this spot with kumkum, individuals seek to awaken their spiritual potential and attain enlightenment.

In addition to its spiritual and cultural significance, Kumkumaarchanam also has practical benefits. Kumkum is made from turmeric, lime, and natural pigments, which possess medicinal properties. The application of kumkum on the forehead is believed to cool the body and improve concentration, especially during meditation and prayer sessions.