World Telecom Day - Vivekananda Balamandir Summer Camp 2023

By - Webteam
17.05.23 09:44 AM
World Telecom Day was  celebrated jointly by Central Govt. of India and State Govt of TamilNadu.,(17.5.23).
In connection with it, 
Lectures were held on "Right use of Telecom Technology in educating youth ", 
Guest speakers were, 
Shri. Chitaranjan Pradhan  CCA, 
Smt. Arulmathi, Jt. Sec.  CCA. - Tamil Nadu circle, Chennai. 
( Controller of communication Accounts)

An  Awareness workshop on Telecommunications to the youngsters was held on the world Telecommunications day, 17th May.

150 students and 30 others attended this small but important topic of the day was dealt today. That is Do's and don't of Telecom, usage of Telcom is as much necessary as it is really useful to the modern days but at the same few uses it for harming others, which should not be the case. 

Technology must be used but only for good things.

All received it very well, Sri Pradhan ji insisted children to use it for your educational purposes and and that to at fixed hours etc.... children had many questions and were answered by the chief guest.

Smt. Arulmathi had funny approach to make students understand the usage of telecommunications, and children accepted their faults and promised that they will do the good things now onwards etc...

Finally children were given sweets and small gift pouches. 

Program ended up with felicitation of all the Telecom dept team, and vote of thanks. 

Jai Bharat. 

Jai Swamiji Maharaj Ji.