Young India Arise! - Smt. Mohini Saraogi Vivekananda Vidyalaya

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29.10.22 11:01 PM

In commemoration of 125th year of Swami Vivekananda's Historic return to India, a Personality Development program through Introducing Swamiji’s Life & teachings and Books exhibition cum sales.

Date : 28-10-2022 to 29-10-2022

No. of Days : 02

SL. No: North Zone 015

School Name: Smt. Mohini Saraogi Vivekananda Vidyalaya

Address: IV Street, Jothi Nagar, Tiruvottriyur, Chennai – 600019.

Name of the Correspondent: Sri. C Krishnan

Name of the Principal: Smt. K. Subasri

School Coordinator: Kalaiarasi
Classes Participated & No of Students: 1st to 8th Std. No. of Students = 900

VYF Zonal Coordinator: SriRamakrishnan

*No. of Volunteers involved: 6  -   Jayavel, Keshav, Hemanth, Venkatesh (IIT), Chandru, Sarandas.

*Other Volunteers involved (Team Members Name):  2    -     Meenakshi College Students – Harish +1

*Brief report: 

The exhibition was done over a period of 2 days and many VYF members participated in this event. There were good sales of books on both days, especially in the evening. It was a good experience for the volunteer team who conducted the event. There was good response from the students and teachers. The students grasped the messages very well. Also, we were approached by an NGO called ‘Child Haven International (India)’ for a bulk order of Vivekananda literature for their organization. The teachers were very thankful that the exhibition was conducted. The school staffs were also very co-operative.

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