Young India Arise! - KRM Public School (Kumaran Nagar)

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10.09.22 10:00 PM

In commemoration of 125th year of Swami Vivekananda's Historic return to India, a Personality Development program through Introducing Swamiji’s Life & teachings and Books exhibition cum sales.

Date : 10/09/2022

No. of Days : 01

SL. No: South Zone 012

School Name: KRM Public School (Kumaran Nagar)

Address: Kamaraj School Road, Thanikachalam nagar, ponniammanmedu, Chennai-110

Name of the Principal: S. Shanthalakshmi 

School Coordinator: Vishaka
Classes Participated & No of Students: 400

VYF Zonal Coordinator: SriHemanth

*No. of Volunteers involved: 2

*Brief report: 

The VYF members had good co-ordination with the school. Even students had examinations coming up, the school helped us to conduct the programme. The Book exhibition and the Picture exhibition were set on the school ground. The school provided a good place in entrance to display the books for the exhibition, which helped in reaching the parents and students easily.  We had close to 150 Book titles and 40 Pictures each depicting an event from Swami Vivekananda life. The students were very enthusiastic and eager to understand Swami Vivekananda's message and had an active participation.


The VYF members were very much joyful and happy for having got the opportunity to conduct the exhibition in this school, as the school was also as much eager to do the same and provided good facilities. Also, the Principal was very happy to see the parents purchasing Vivekananda literature. The school also mentioned that, Sri. Suganthan and Sateesh gave one of the best talks and speeches in the entire event. They are also interested to start a forum with student related activities in name of Swami Vivekananda.
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